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Our story

The Tardis

Our story

Back when Windows was young and went by the name 3.11, IBM still built PC operating systems, and Oracle didn’t race yachts. Trevor Grey and Grant Hughson, with the help of a young smart developer called John Hill, took a look at this bold new world of client server windows and crafted a software solution they called Tardis.

The Tardis, just like it’s name sake, was designed for time capture. The guys had come up with the idea that if they built some cool software that had a relational database for fast reporting, ran on windows and enabled everyone to enter their time, then they had truly tamed time. Unfortunately the good folks at the BBC took a different view and decided that the Tardis was a thing of fiction and they damn well owned it and no, we couldn’t use it.

Undeterred and with the aid of several bottles of thought accelerant the team changed the name to Time Disciple. Apparently there were other names that didn’t leave the cutting room floor.

Time Disciple

The launch

Time Disciple launched in 1990 and was immediately picked up by a bunch of forward thinking organizations who understood the need for total time capture, powerful reporting and the ability to interface to existing systems. Over the next 18 years, Time Disciple became the go to guys for Local Government, Central Government and medium sized organizations who had a need for complete time capture.

The years passed, time was recorded, and life was good. There were rumours about the intraweb and how it was the next big thing. Larry decided yachts were cool, Steven reinvented the Walkman and then cunningly whacked an aerial in it and all the cool kids through he was hip. Microsoft decided that games were the new frontier and social virility was no longer just a description of a good weekend.



In 2008 the boys at Time Disciple said - you know there might be something in this whole Web/Cloud/Rich Internet/Software as a Service smart phone thing. Because John Hill and Trevor Grey were still standing and because they still had their time machine, they ripped back in time and grabbed the best ideas and the best innovations from the past 20 years. They then took all that knowledge to the bright but not so young things at Rad3. In 2008 Time Disciple became ProjectPartner - the team (and the clients) gazed upon this new software and saw that it was great.

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